Jul. 2, 2022

AOL Charges

AOL (charges)

It used to be we had to pay .99 cents a minute for AOL services. Thankfully, within months, they updated their cost to $9.99/month for unlimited services. That was a total game changer.

Several years later, AOL became free and we no longer had to pay a monthly service fee. When word got around, I called and asked AOL and they confirmed that it was true. Gosh I loved AOL.

I told them I wanted to go to the free services then. However, the following month, I noticed, they still charged me. When I called back, they kept saying they’d cancel my monthly subscription, but never did. I didn’t love AOL anymore after that.

I called my credit card company and reported my card lost or stolen so they’d give me a whole new card with a whole new number. AOL still charged me because they had it in their terms that they could use a new updated credit card number associated with the same card. Many companies do this so the consumer doesn’t have to “update” their card numbers and can continue a valued service.

I called my credit card company and told them to cancel the AOL’s monthly fee and this is basically the conversation that followed (incredible!):

CC: We can’t cancel the payments because you’re still using the services.

Me: They’re free now.

CC: I’m sorry. Unless you can provide us a letter stating that you are no longer using their service we’ll continue to accept their charges.

Me: That’s absurd!

CC: You’ve been paying for almost 15 years and now suddenly you want us to block them when you’re still using the service?

Me: Let me know which word(s) do you not understand: FREE!!!! THEY-ARE-FREE!! THERE-IS-NO-COST-ANYMORE!!!!

CC: Then why are they still charging you?

Me: Because assholes like YOU continue to pay them. You have NO RIGHT to tell ME what I have to pay for and what I don’t. Your job is to accept your customer’s terms, not tell me what I have to do! It’s my damn money, NOT YOURS!!!!! Let me speak to your supervisor.

CC: I will put in a request for them to call you back.


I called right back and spoke to someone else. I told them the person before told me that I still had to pay for free services and refused to cancel me. They laughed and canceled me, gave me a confirmation number, and assured me they were reporting the other person as this was not their practice. The conversation had been recorded and the powers that be will most likely listen to it.

Gee, I sure hope they don’t get offended by me calling their employee an asshole.

Note: I had actually written this years ago and stumbled upon it just recently so I spruced it up and shared it.