Jul. 11, 2022


Just recently, I opened a Netflix account (the 5th), I also opened one for my brother (the 10th). When I went to pay my credit card bill associated with these accounts, I noticed they had charged me for three accounts: the 5th, the 10th, and the 12thobviously, it was a mistake so I called Netflix.

Netflix saw the error and agreed to cancel the third account.

Me: I’d like a refund for it.

Netflix: I’m sorry, but since the services have already been rendered (and enjoyed by a 3rd party at my expense), we cannot refund you.

The following month, I went to pay my credit card and I saw they had charged me again for that third account! I called back.

Netflix: What are the emails associated with your Netflix account(s)? I gave the two emails and they asked for the third email.

Me: I don’t know it. That’s what I’m trying to tell you… I am only paying for two and if there is a third one, it’s a fraudulent account – I want it canceled!

Netflix: Well it’s going to the same address of your brother’s account… its being used at his house.

I text my brother while on the phone with them… no it is not.

Netflix: Unless you can confirm the third email, we cannot cancel the account.

Me: How am I supposed to do that if someone hacked me and stole the account?

Netflix: I see what you’re saying. Okay. I’ll cancel it for you. I understand.

The third month, I check and lo and behold! I’m charged again for the third account. I call Netflix back.

Netflix: What is the email associated with the account you want to cancel?

Me: I do not know it! Someone is hijacking the account and charging my credit card with it.

Netflix: You have to be able to give me the email address because you’ve been paying it all along.

Me: I’ve been calling every month telling you to cancel it! I am not paying it willingly – what is the email address and I’ll tell you if it’s one of mine as I do have several.

She gives me the email and it’s to an iCloud account. I have never, ever used an iCloud account. Hell, I didn’t even know it existed! I text my brother because it’s actually his email address with a different domain attached to it (iCloud).

He does not use that domain and yes, I do believe him because my brother is not a liar or a thief. He’s very honest almost to a fault. After 50 plus years of knowing him, I can say that with pure confidence.

I inform her that I’m texting with him and relaying the conversation. She agrees to reimburse me for this month and cancel the account all together.

On a hunch, I checked two weeks later. Lord love an insane woman (me)! Not only did she refund me, but she charged me again for the same account on the same day she refunded me! I’m still paying for all three accounts again!

Netflix: I’m sorry, but this account is password protected. Unless you can provide me the password, we cannot make any changes to this account.

Seriously? Apparently, this is why I was charged the same day after being reimbursed for it. Whomever stole the account called them and applied a password so that unless I could give it to them, there would be no changes. Of course I don’t have it!

I told them to cancel all three accounts and not to hand me a bunch of BS about no changes being made without a password. It’s MY credit card and I WILL BE THE ONE to say what I will pay with it.

I called the credit card company to inform them of the events and had I been smart and not so angry, I would have done that to begin with. I explained the situation and they put a block on Netflix. Let’s see if I still get charged now.

Update: Netflix was not able to charge me again. Also, after posting this story to Social Media, I was shocked that so many others responded to the post saying “the same thing happened to them!”

Netflix is no longer a reputable business in my book.