Jan. 25, 2021

Donna Summer

Donna Summer has always been one of my favorite performers. She was born in Boston on December 31st in 1948. She loved to sing and did so until her death on May 17, 2012; she was 64 years old. The news of her death hurt my heart.

I would listen to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40s waiting for her latest hit to come on the radio. The popular DJ (Casey Kasem) would sometimes give facts about the top artists in his countdowns.

Something he said about Donna Summer that has stuck with me over the years: As a preacher’s daughter, she started out as a gospel singer, singing in her father’s church. Years later, after her the song Bad Girls came out, Donna announced she was going to quit performing. Ms Summer had said in an interview that it bothered her immensely that the only way she could gain fame and recognition was to sing about prostitutes. It went against everything she believe in having grown up in the church.

I can appreciate that, in spite of the fact that she gave it her all when she sang. To this day, Donna Summer remains one of my favorite singers.