Sep. 10, 2019

Strange Experiences

One full moon night (yes, it really matters), a patient “escaped” by crawling through the window in her room at 3:00 in the morning. Her nurse, my co-worker was, at least, 450 pounds. Initially she tried to follow the patient through the window and naturally, she could not make it.

I could not give chase, either, because watching my co-worker trying to get her big apartment-complex-sized butt out that window and knowing she would not be able to, threw me into such a fit of giggles that I had to go pee first.

I came out of the bathroom and went outside, but didn’t make it too far. The other nurse was running (waddling & laughing) around the parking lot trying to chase down the patient. The CNA’s caught the woman, much to my co-worker’s relief. However, the sight before “the capture” was such a hilarity that I had to go pee again.

My co-worker made it inside before she collapsed from laughing. "I wish we had a video camera," she exclaimed pertaining to herself chasing the patient around. "I know that would have been something funny to put on American's Funniest Home Videos: me and my fat ass running around trying to catch her!"