Mar. 24, 2020

Mr. A

I rarely talk about this because it was done out of love and compassion and I do not need commendations. About 30 years ago, we had a pt in the nsg home who was a stroke pt and walked like a tin soldier so he usually stayed in a W/C.
One day, the activities director stopped at the desk and told me that during the resident meeting she asked them if they could do one thing what would it be? Mr A said he’d like to dance just one more time before he died.
Later that night, I was passing meds and I overheard the girls talking to him about his favorite song that was playing on the radio so, I locked up my cart and went into the room. We stood him up from the chair and I slow danced with him. He had been feeling ill with an URI so I thought it would help build his morale.
The next day we came in and he’d been transferred to the hospital and it turned out he had pneumonia. He died 3 days later. Even now, I get choked up when I think about him and that particular night. I was glad I was given the opportunity to dance with him and even happier that I took the time.