Mar. 31, 2020

Complaining CNA

One of my more painful moments in nursing came when I was called to the office and told I'd been reported for showing favoritism among the CNA's and a list was provided of my "pets."

I insisted, the CNA reporting me was not doing her job and this was retaliation. They would not listen to me, though.

Two weeks later, I was called into the office again. I had been reported by the same CNA for racism. She said I was extremely racist toward Black-Americans.

As I sat there about to bawl my eyes out over the atrocities of the claim, it dawned on me that she had made a list of my "favorites."

I requested they pull that list: Every. Single. Name on the list that were deemed my "pets," was a Black-American. I tossed the paper down and told administration to make a choice; was I playing favorites, or was I a racist - they couldn't have it both ways.

They ended up terminating the CNA.