Oct. 28, 2022

Being Bipolar

We had this woman… I can’t remember her name, but I remember her. Talk about being Bipolar – holy strippers! This woman, whom I will call “Lois,” for the purposes of the story, was a true Bipolar.

When she took her meds, she was an upstanding citizen of the community: a church-going, God-fearing, Christian woman. Lois was a stay-at-home Mom, who baked, cooked, did charity and fundraisers for the kids – she was even a Den Mother for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She was a true bring-back-the-50’s-and-60s kind of lady.

When Lois decided she was fine and didn’t need her meds anymore (which is par for the course for most Bipolars), she took on a whole new persona. She’d disappear and her husband would find her in a Myrtle Beach strip club working the poles. She went into sexual overdrive. There is not a level of hyper-sexual activity that could match her. The poor guy would bring her to us so we could get her adjusted and stable on her meds again, then send her back home.

It wasn’t that she was unhappy as a stay-at-home mom; she loved it. When she would return to her normal frame of mind, she would tell us that she loved being a mom and admitted that when she got off the meds, she’d lose her mind. Lois was often embarrassed at her antics once stabilized. Nonetheless, she left an everlasting impression on me for many years after.

(the picture is random and from the internet)