Mar. 23, 2017

Ears Nose Throat Girl

When I was in nursing school I found many doctors to be quite arrogant. One physicians group would walk onto the floor, pick up charts, and without saying a word to any nurse, just walk off; especially Dr. Lee. The nurse, usually the head nurse on the floor, would have to know through telepathy, to follow him (them).

Being a student, I also had to make rounds with them when they went into my assigned rooms. I watched as these doctors spoke cordially to the patients and told them which tests or procedures they were going to set up for them, even if it was simply to discharge them. They never spoke to the nurse, not once. It was her job to just stand there and listen to what the doctor said.

When any doctor came onto the floor, the nurses were supposed to stand and offer them their seats. I always thought that was crazy. Most nurses spend their entire shift on their feet and savor the moments when we can sit for a few minutes. If there were plenty of seats available we didn’t have to stand. This applied only if all chairs were occupied. Nowadays, most doctors refuse to take our seats and frequently offer us theirs.

While doing a rotation on the surgical wing at the hospital, I found myself in need of a paperclip. As I looked around on the nurse’s desk and through drawers I couldn’t find one. I looked behind me to see Dr. Going, the ears, nose, and throat specialist, seated at the doctor’s station so I turned to her and asked, “Excuse me? Is there a paperclip over there?”

She turned to me and very haughtily said, “I’m not a ward clerk!”

The nurse sitting next to me leaned over and whispered, “Michelle, that’s a doctor.”

I looked at right at Dr. Going and said, “I know who she is but I don’t give a damn if she’s Jesus Christ, she can still tell me if she’s got a paperclip over there! At least Jesus wouldn’t have thought he was too good to answer me!”

Quite meekly, Dr. Going answered, “I’m sorry. No, I don’t see one here.”

That moment told me, I would not ever work in a doctor’s office. I could not stand their arrogance and egomania. Thankfully, they have changed a lot since back then and have a better, more approachable and friendlier, attitudes.