Apr. 14, 2021

A Cure for Toothaches

I love home remedies, especially if they work and this works better than anything I’ve ever tried.

Got a toothache? Use cloves!

Cloves are great, especially if you have dry sockets. I had a tooth pulled one afternoon and within two days, I had a severe case of dry socket. They put a clove in the socket and almost immediately, the pain subsided.

It was then I remember the clove method – using ground cloves (the spice), drop a few drops of olive oil in it and make a paste. With a Q-tip, apply as much and as often as needed to the affected tooth.

If it’s a socket, either fill the hole with the paste, or gently place a whole clove into the empty socket. Wah-la! Instant relief.

Genesis 1:29 – “I have made a plant for your every need.”

Thank you, God, for the cloves.