May. 5, 2021


I recently went to the hospital to get some tests done. I knew I would be there for over two hours so I brought a book with me. As I was going in the door, the security guard handed me a mask and said, “You have to have a mask.”

Okay… I took the mask and walked away. I did not put it on, but I had one like he said. He said I had to have one, not wear it.

An hour or so into it – I’m sitting there reading my book and a woman comes and sits down across from me – this is the conversation that follows:

Her: I wish I could go without wearing a mask.

Me: Then don’t wear one – take it off.

Her: I’ll be glad when they do away with the whole mask thing.

Me: They already did. There’s no mask ordinance anymore.

Her: But, they (the hospital) said we had to wear one.

Me: That’s because they’re assholes.

Her: Well, I think it’s all about control anyway.

Me: You’re right… it is about control. They want to see who will bow down, who will resist, and who will be afraid. I refuse to bow down, I refuse to be controlled, and I will NOT live in someone else’s fear. I am a free agent.

Her: I am going to do that too! They’re not going to control me, either.

Me being encouraging: That’s great! Take a stand and stand up against the establishment!

They called her name and she gets up to follow behind the X-ray tech – wearing her mask.

Thirty minutes later she walks past, wishing me good luck and I noticed, shes still wearing a mask.

I’m inclined to believe that people like her are afraid not to live in someone else’s fear.

Update (1/8/22): I have had pre-op lab drawn, and 3 surgeries since posting this and I have yet to wear a mask at the hospital. They now have it in my file that I'm "mask sensitive and do not wear them."