Mar. 23, 2017

The Mail Lady

Lord save me from myself before I go to prison! The mail lady came to the door, open the door and stood there. Bianca (the dog) runs to the door because she's nosy. The mail lady starts calling her name while I'm yelling "No Bianca! You can't go outside!"

The dogs go out the back door into a double fenced in yard and she knows this. However, the mail lady steps aside anyway as Bianca approaches her and holds the door open even wider to allow the dog passage. 

Now I'm pissed and I say to the mail lady, "Why did you let her outside!"

She said, "She isn't allowed outside?"

Me: "Not out the front door! You see her in the yard everyday and you ask me that?"

The mail lady walked to her mail truck and says, "Do you want me to see if I can catch her?"

I'm almost screaming at her at this point, "Yes! Especially since your the dumbass who stepped aside and let her out in the first place!"

Was I over the top here?