Mar. 23, 2017


My son and I had stopped by Hwy 55 diner. While I was waiting for him to pay for his order, a couple of young girls sat at the table behind me. I overheard the one behind me talking to her friend about the staff. She said, “It wouldn’t hurt for someone in this place to smile. No one is smiling in here.”

I turned to her and repeated an old cliché, “Well, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours.”

“I did and they did not respond back,” she replied.

So just before we were leaving I turned back to her and asked, “Would you like for me to make everyone in here smile?”

With a huge smile of her own she said, “Can you? Everyone?”

“Sure!” I said standing up. I raised my hand and waved as I said, “Goodbye Hwy 55. Everyone have a wonderful day!”

The entire staffed stopped, turned to me and waved back and all with big smiles said, “You, too!”

I turned back to the girl and asked, “How did I do?”

“You did great,” she said, “And, thank you!”