Jan. 7, 2019

Mail Pick-Up

I asked my son to post a note in the mailbox to let the mail person know to pick up packages at the door. The first time he did it for me, no one picked any up because he didn't put the flag up so they didn't stop. 
Me explaining to him: Son, you have to put the flag up to let them know to stop and pick up the mail.

Him: Okay...whatever.
Today (three days later), I thought he was clear on the whole raising-of-the-flag issue and asked him again to put a note in there to let them know there are packages at the door. Otherwise, they will just put the flag down and move on. 

We had gotten home late last night, and likewise, three nights ago and didn't have time to set up mail pick up. This is my other option: to just let them know to come to the door and get the packages.

I looked out the window and saw the flag was down. I made him come back home from his friend's house (he's in my car so yeah, I can do that) and told him to put the flag up and again, I explained it to him. 

Me: You HAVE to put the flag up to let them know to stop and pick up mail. 

Him: Then WHY are you putting a note in there to tell them? 

Me: How else are they going to know to pick them up at the door if I don't put a note in there?

Him: Exactly! They will see the note and come to the door, so why bother putting the flag up?

Me (He didn't get his smarts from MY SIDE of the family - that's all I'm saying about that): How are they going to know to even stop so they can read the note and know to come to the door?
(Dumbfounded expression) 

Me again: Well? How do we get the postman to STOP in order to read the note?
Him --> goes outside and puts the flag up.