Jan. 30, 2019

Little Black Rat

I’m sitting at my desk when I glance across the way and see a little black rat of some kind in my neighbor’s grass by the street. What caught my eye was that he had moved around a little.

I sat up straighter in my chair to watch him and noticed he was moving closer toward me. He was trying to cross the street into our yard. However, he didn’t look much like a rat after all.

Since my vision sucks, I moved my head a little back and forth in a weaving motion trying to get a better focus on him so I could make out what kind of critter it was. When he stopped moving, I sat back in my chair only to see him dart off back to the neighbor’s grass.

I got up and slowly crept to the door. I was hoping he didn’t see any of my movements and get startled and run away. My curiosity was so piqued. I wanted to see what it was.

Hubby asked what I was doing, so I whispered it to him (in case the animal across the street heard me talking about him). He got up to look, too.

Remember me saying my vision sucked? Well it turns out it was a mud pellet on my door that I was bobbing and weaving my head at in order to focus more. I need to clean my front door.

Hubby can’t stop laughing.