Feb. 15, 2019

Valentine's Day Celebrations

Valentines 20 years ago VS Valentines 2019.
Daughter: (whine) Mom! We don't want to go to dinner with you and Daddy for Valentine's Day. It's supposed to be just the two of you (stomps her foot).
Me: But we love you guys and want to share it with you.
Daughter: You're supposed to do things ALONE with Daddy,
Me: We did already. How do you think you got here?
Valentines 2019
Me: Do you need us to babysit tonight so you and hubby can go out and do something?
Daughter: No, that's okay ... We're going to take her with us.
Me: But, we don't mind keeping her. Besides, you're supposed to go do something with each other; alone, just the two of you.
Daughter: We did already. How do you think she got here?