Mar. 26, 2019

A New Breed of Dog

We were driving down this street and I'm cleaning my (defective) glasses and see a little doggy pooping in someone's yard...maybe his own, IDK. 

I asked my hubby, "What breed is that dog? I don't recognize it."

Hubby said, "What dog?" 

"That one over there taking a crap in the yard," I said. As we got closer to the pup, I was pointing with one hand and putting my glasses on with the other. "Never mind, I see it now." 

"Well what it is?" he asked as he's now scanning the area looking for the dog.

I sigh heavily and say, "The fire hydrant: I saw the fire hydrant and thought it was a dog pooping in someone's yard." 

Two blocks later, hubby points to a fire hydrant and says, "Look! There's another one of those new breeds of dogs you saw a few blocks over. They're everywhere!" 

We are currently not speaking to each other.