Mar. 23, 2017

Harborwalk Festival

When my son was around five or six, we took him and his sister up to the Harborwalk, which was Georgetown’s yearly town festival. They had it in the historical district of Front Street every June. It used to be they had activities for children and not just craft booths lined up. Such was the case that year; they had pony rides, an inflated water slide and a jump castle among other things.

My daughter and a couple of her friends played the games like, ring toss, pop a balloon, or shoot a duck. I was quite appalled when my daughter brought me back a lighter she had won as a prize. I took it back to the person running the game and handed it to him.

“My daughter is 11 years old and you’re giving her a lighter as a prize! What’s next, a pack of smokes to go with it?”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” he said taking the lighter back. “She can pick something else out if she wants.”

“I think you need to monitor the prizes the children pick a little more closely.” I didn’t allow Amber to go back there after that.

We were up and down Front Street most of the day and night though. Many of the shop owners had booths out front selling their merchandise or foods. There were many carnival snacks available as well. My friend Glenda waited all year long to get a funnel cake while I waited to get one of those delicious grilled bratwurst with grilled onions. It was our yearly treat.

My son, Reese, never being the adventurous child, didn’t want a pony ride and he didn’t dare chance the inflated water slide. Instead, he settled for the jump castle.

From inside the tent, I could hear him calling out, “Mama! Mama!” Then he’d laugh and giggle because he fell over and couldn’t get up.

One of the times he called for me, I took my shoes off and went in with him. Those things wobble so much. They’re nothing but a huge oversized balloon made to look like an inflated toy castle. Without having anything stable to grab, I was quite unstable. Just taking one step will make a person fall over.

From the opening of the tent, I could see Reese way in the back right corner. I tried to walk to him by holding on the side of the castle but every time I stood up, I fell. He was laughing at me so hard that he couldn’t even stand up. He just laughed and laughed until he saw me coming closer and closer and realized I was an extra-large ball of falling mess. Then his eyes got real big and his chin hit the mat and …

Well, suffice to say he made it out alive.