Mar. 23, 2017

For Your Eyes Only

While growing up, my son has had to contend with all of his friends having a crush on his older sister. With the exception of his cousins, Kenny and Kevin, they’ve all fawned over her.

If Amber walked into the room, everything stopped. My son would still be talking to his friends or playing the video game but the boys were too busy staring with their tongues hanging out and wouldn’t notice him. I had been known to reach out and close a few mouths from time to time.

Ian and Noah, especially Noah, were probably Amber’s favorites of Reese’s friends. Noah was always the cutest, the quickest on his feet, and funniest. He used to make Amber laugh; he made us all laugh.

She and I were talking about them recently. “I saw Noah in town the other day. Mama, he’s all grown up and he’s still so cute.”

“I know,” I said in agreement. “He came by here a couple of months back. He and Reese had gone out to Wally’s grave and he stopped in to visit for a few minutes afterwards.”

“He’s so handsome and such a little man now,” she gushed into the phone. “And, what about Ian? I haven’t seen Ian in years! I bet he’s still so cute, too.”

I told her Ian has been working at Applewood’s and Amber mentioned stopping in sometime for brunch and seeing him. Then we started talking and laughing about the time Amber accidently flashed Noah who was fourteen at the time.

Amber had just gotten out of the shower. She was still wrapped in a towel when she had stepped out into the hallway. Without seeing anyone, she flew open her towel to adjust it, however, Noah had just rounded the corner and got an eyeful for himself.

While she was profusely apologizing to Noah for flashing him, he was just as profusely thanking her. Ian, who entirely missed the peepshow, was so mad. He demanded a replay and didn’t care that Amber’s dad was sitting in the living room. When my husband heard what happened, he laughed and told Ian he understood about “boy things” perfectly, because he used to look at National Geographic when he was his age. My son and I were rolling our eyes at all of them.

To this day, Noah still grins sheepishly when Amber’s name is mentioned. He has told me on many occasions, “That was the best day of my life and I will always cherish it until the day I die!”