Mar. 23, 2017

Pasta Faggioli (Fazool)

THE DAILY LIFE of a Cranky Old Hag: Whenever I send my son to the store, he always calls back with questions with emphasis on always. I sent him to Food Lion and here’s what happened:

As he waits for my debit card he asks, “What do you need?”

I hand him the debit card and instead of writing a list, I told him what I needed. It was only three things; surely, he can remember three things. I began the list. “I need three things; get a gallon of milk, a pack of bacon and a box of macaroni.”

“What kind of bacon,” he asks.

“I don’t want thick cut or a big pack. I need just a small pack for a recipe.”

“Okay,” he says, “I get it – you want it cheap and so thin it only has one side to it.”

I confirm, “Yes, that’s correct. I want Muller’s Macaroni, seashell shaped for the Pasta Faggioli. Don’t get a big box, either. I just need a small one. Oh, and do not get any Food Lion brand, I want name brand because it cooks better.”

With an eye roll and a patronizing tone he says, “Okay, Mom! I get it!”

Five minutes later, he calls me (right on schedule) and says, “Is Kraft okay?”

“Kraft,” I asked shaking my head into the phone. “When did Kraft start making pasta?”

“Since forever,” he snaps with impatience at my ignorance. “Do you want four cheeses or just plain original seashell macaroni and cheese?”

Usually when something like this happens (with other people) I always ask, “Where do these people come from?” But this one, I have to own it. He was homemade and home grown.