Mar. 23, 2017


My son opened the cover of a book and I saw what page he had flipped to. Being a writer and writing a few of my own books and novels, I offhandedly commented, “That’s the dedication page.”

“No, it isn’t,” he replied.

“Yes. That is the dedication page.”

“No-it-is-not,” he said a little too smart mouth for my taste. Flipping to another page he added, “The dedication page is right here marked Acknowledgements.”

(Blink-blink) Giggling out loud, as he deserved it for the smart aleck tone he’d just taken with me, I explained, “That is the acknowledgement page that acknowledges people who’ve helped the writer with information, hence the name acknowledgments. Read me the insert on the previous page.”

He sighs heavily, begins reading, “This book is for Hannah …,” and stops.

Yeah, I thought so.