Mar. 23, 2017

Scratch, Sniff & Kid Brother Einstein

For some reason my daughter smells everything. She’s one of those people who when someone says, “Oh, this stinks! Here, smell it,” and then sticks it in her face, she’ll sniff it, knowing it’s going to stink.

She’s like that with food, too, except she doesn’t just give it a couple of complimentary sniffs, she inhales the aroma. I have sat across the table from her on many occasions and watched her sniff, sniff – look at it – sniff, sniff again before tasting something. I just shake my head at her.

My son studies his food. He looks hard at it, sometimes even turning it over to examine it, and then turns it around a couple of times. Once in a while he’ll smell it during his examination but for the most part, the food doesn’t stick around long enough before he inhales it to digestion.

I have to tell him, “Slow down, Son! No one is going to take your food away from you.”

I have always taught them to explore what they can, even cuisine. You never know what you’ll like or dislike unless you try it. I use the analogy: “You never knew whether you liked pizza until you tried it for the first time.” So, they try everything, at least once even if they do sniff and examine it first.

My husband smells his food and examines it, too, however, his big problem is that he has a rare skin disorder that prohibits his skin from shedding like most would. It’s called Ichthyosis or, Alligator Skin. He applies a lot of lotions to keep his skin moist and help it shed, including Alpha Keri Oil. When he does not apply oils or lotions, his skin dries even more and, apparently, it itches.

During the winter, his skin gets really dry. I remember one particular winter he kept scratching. Every time I looked at him he was scratching his legs or arms. Occasionally his back would need scratching, too.

As I sat at the dinner table and looked at my family, my husband was scratching, Amber was sniffing her food and her brother was studying it. I thought to myself, there goes Scratch, Sniff and kid brother, Einstein.