Mar. 23, 2017

Bag of Cheese

I had asked my son to run to the store for me and provided him with a list of things to purchase. One of those things was some mozzarella cheese so I could make some zucchini appetizers. The list stated, “Small bag of mozzarella”

Like always, my son calls back home with questions. The call was expected but I was busy on another line so my husband answered the phone for me.

He calls out, “Reese wants to know what size bag of cheese you wanted?”

“Just a small bag … a two-cup bag is all I need,” I answered and then returned to my phone call.

My son comes in several minutes later and brings me the bag of cheese. He holds up this narrow-foot-long bag of mozzarella and says, “This is the closest I could find to a two-foot bag.”

I have no idea how we went from two-cups to two-foot, but it was funny as hell.