Mar. 23, 2017

The Steve Miller Band

My son and I were out and about going to different yard sales. I came across a “Black Sabbath 606” concert T-Shirt. My son favors the classical music of his father and my era so I pointed to it and said to my son, “I bet you don’t know that group.”

“That’s Ozzy Osbourne,” he answered. “Wasn’t he in Black Sabbath?”

“Yes, he was,” I said. I then added, “When Ozzy left Black Sabbath and went solo, it really hurt the group.”

As we browsed some of the other items, The Steve Miller Band came on with Fly Like An Eagle. I smiled to myself and said to my son, “How about this song?

“Oh, I remember this song,” he announced. “This song was written specifically for the movie Space Jam.”

The lady who was running the yard sale and I started laughing. “No, it wasn’t,” I told him. “This song put The Steve Miller Band on the map back in the 1970’s.”

Moral: Don’t try to tell us old hippies and fogies about our music. That includesLed Zepplin, Pink Floyd, and others to name a few. Most people around my age has gotten high to these songs/bands and then created you kids (I think, I can’t remember, it’s all in a Purple Haze).