Mar. 23, 2017

Back Boobs

We were walking through Walmart one day, my son, husband, and I, when I noticed this woman with back boobs. I swear when I first saw them, I thought they were on her chest and then I realized, either this lady had a very long beard or those boobs were on her back.

I nudged my son and said, “Do I have back boobs too?”

“I dunno,” he answered.

“Well look!” I strolled up ahead of him, casually of course, so he could see if I had any ta-tas on my back.

My husband stayed behind to examine a pack of crackers while he snickered. My son, red in the face, said, “No Mom, you do not have any back boobs!”

Personally, I don’t believe him. I don’t think he really looked. I put my bra on backward the other day, as women usually do when dressing, and I am telling you, it fit! However, my husband is adamant I am imaging things.