Mar. 23, 2017

$2 Bill

When I was homeschooling my son, I read something on the internet about how a man tried to use a $2 bill and they thought it was counterfeit. Being of the younger generation, they had never heard of $2 bills before so they believed it to be funny money.

I stopped at the bank and picked up $10 in $2 bills. My son’s next assignment was to spend one bill at five different places and then write about the experience whether it was good, bad, or uneventful. He could spend it to buy a drink or a pack of gum, anything he chose. The change was his to keep.

He really enjoyed this assignment and spent the next week going around to five different places spending the money. All but one place questioned the bill but everyone was willing to accept it.

They are so rare anymore that I think I will stop at the bank and pick up a few, then pass them out as tips the next time we dine out. I’m curious as to how this generation responds to them 10 years after my son’s $2 bill assignment.