May. 21, 2018

School Shootings

Since the recent shootings in Texas where a teen was reportedly to go into his (former) school and fire a gun at 12 people, social media has been a buzz. I read a meme that said, “Who is brave enough to address the REAL issue with school shootings instead of Liberals blaming the gun?”

I thought about that and decided I am.

The teenager is reported to have been suspended from the school so many times, that he’d been expelled. He stole his father’s gun, he didn’t buy it off the streets, but took it without permission. The school is a “gun-free zone,” which clearly advertises there are no guns on the premises to stop him and the area was fenced in. You even had to pass a security guard to get on the grounds!

Where does the blame belong? I say at the shooter's feet, but society likes to blame everyone else, so here it goes: 

The first place, I blame our government. They have made it impossible to raise our children with their laws. “It takes a village,” is Liberal motto. Personally, I think their village is missing a few idiots. Parents should be allowed to discipline. They live with the child and know their individual idiosyncrasies, not the government who only erroneously generalizes society.

Liberals will tell you that if you spank your child, it will make him resentful. I was spanked, that didn’t happen to me. I’m betting they were spanked, too, and do they hate their parents? Discipline teaches self-respect, self-control, respecting authority, and most importantly, respecting themselves…All the things Liberals do not want children to learn because then, they cannot be controlled.

The second place, I blame the parents. When all of this started, they should have stood up and said, “NO! I will raise my own child, not the government!” and then applied themselves as parents.

In the 60’s, Dr. Benjamin Spock, a well-known pediatrician who never married or had children of his own, wrote a book declaring that discipline was bad and would make your child fear you, even hating you. He started the Liberal movement against corporal punishment.

Before his death in 1998, Dr. Spock went on TV beseeching the public to “please, discipline your children, I was wrong!”

He admitted that lack of discipline was the cause of children being so disrespectful, being hateful, and mean-spirited. He predicted it would only get worse. By that time, it was too late. Liberal government had already taken over the homes and the schools to disallow anyone to spank a child. Parents should have taken a stand.

The third cause, and most important, is lack of God; not just in the homes, but in the school system, as well. I remember in my youth, every morning the principal would get on the speaker and say a prayer of blessing and again at the end of the day to offer a prayer for our safe return home. Right after Morning Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance was said and we stood for the National Anthem anytime it was sung. I am a better person for it.


The government, the parents, Liberals, Media, and lack of God are the cause. Not every child needs to be spanked, but the ones that do, should be getting their butts torn up. If they turn up bruised and with broken bones, then the government should step in, otherwise, they need to stand down. Then let’s see what happens with school shootings. It’s time for parents to take a stand and make their own movements against the government and start raising their own children again.