Jun. 24, 2018


My 18-month-old granddaughter loves to eat. I learned that fairly quickly when I stopped in at daycare to visit with her one day. She was still an infant then. While holding her, she suddenly started screaming. At first, I thought my rings had scratched her until I turned and saw the daycare worker standing next to me a bottle. My granddaughter had seen it first and was letting me know it was time to eat.

Well, not long ago, I stopped in to visit them and brought dinner with me. While my daughter and I sat in the dining room chatting after our meal, my son-in-law took the baby outside with him. She loves the outdoors.

He came in a few minutes later and said, “Well, she ate something off the porch.”

“What did she eat?” my daughter asked with concern.

“I have no idea,” he answered. “She picked something up off the porch and stuck it in her mouth. When she saw me coming she started chewing faster. By the time I had my finger in her mouth to dig it out; she swallowed it so...I don’t know.”

I couldn’t suppress a few giggles, but for the most part, I kept a straight face. However, when I got home and told Grandpa what happened, I was laughing hysterically.

I love this baby. She is so full of personality, I just can’t stand it!