Mar. 23, 2017

Breakfast With the Crankys

We had to take our car in to be serviced at 7:00 in the morning. I suggested the night before that my son follow us, we drop off the vehicle and then the three of us can go check out some yard sales instead of sitting around the station for a few hours. Everyone was in agreement.

Before leaving the house, my husband and son asked if we were going to eat at home or pick something up. I answered, “Since I can’t really eat anything right now (first thing in the morning), it’s up to you two. Do whatever.”

They asked again 15 minutes later. I answered the same, “Whatever you two want to do.”

Going out the door my son says, “Are we picking up something up then?”

I turned to him and said, “What part of ‘I don’t care,’ don’t you get?”

My husband and I get into our vehicle and my son in his. As we drive by Hardee’s and McDonalds my husband says to me, “Do you want something from one of these places?”

He knows I cannot eat fast food burger joints like that. To be honest, whenever he gets junk from there and I smell it, I want to vomit. “No! I am not eating anything from either of those places,” I insist for the thousandth time.

He grunts and scoffs. “Where do you want something from then?”

“You can get something from there if you want. I’ll wait and get a veggie salad from Subway when they open.”

More scoffing and grunting before snapping at me, “I am hungry! I don’t want Subway and I don’t want to wait another two hours before I eat!”

“I told you, you can get something from one of those places if you want. Besides, it’s only an hour before Subway opens,” I say pointing to the clock on the dashboard.

Ten minutes from our destination he asks, “What exactly are your plans for dropping the car off to be serviced?” I repeated back my original plan of dropping off the vehicle and the three of us using my son’s truck to go to some yard sales. He scoffs and grunts some more. “I didn’t know that is what you were planning. I’m not leaving the car sitting there alone while we go off! I’m not doing it!”

“You understood that was my plan last night when we talked about it.”

“No, hell no, I did not!”

I look over at him. “Then what did you understand?” He doesn’t answer which means, that is exactly what he understood. I smirk to myself and tell him to pull over. My son and I will go visit yard sales while he sits in the service station for however long it takes. As I get out to switch cars, I tell him, “Go get whatever you want to eat while you wait. Reese and I will go to Subway when it opens.”

Two hours and twenty minutes later. My husband tracks us down. As he pulls up alongside of us, he’s eating a steak, egg, and cheese sub from Subway.

I look at my son, who is aware of our dispute, and say, “So much for not wanting to wait two hours to eat. He waited longer.”

“So much for not eating Subway,” my son adds laughing.

I tried to take control of the steering wheel and ram into my husband but my son refused to let me man the wheel. At present, my husband is safe and sound. He’s looking forward to our next trip to Subway.