Mar. 23, 2017

The Hunt for Information

I was trying to write an article on one of my old teachers, Tommy Shubrick. I knew Tommy had passed away some years ago and as I searched unsuccessfully for the obituary, my husband hears me moaning and grumbling. As a matter of fact, I cannot even find Tommy’s family! I cannot find anything on him except what Woodie Chavis was able to give me. Woodie is an old Georgetonian and someone I communicate with on Facebook.

Finally, after a couple of days and many hours of searching, I find Tommy’s wife and discover she doesn’t live very far from me at all.

As I announce to my husband that we’re going over there to meet with her, my husband says to me, "Where exactly are we going?"

I'm so excited and answer with, "We're going to meet Tommy Shubrick's wife! O-M-G! She lives right over here! I cannot believe I've spent this whole time looking for information on him. I've even had other people online helping me to find information and here she was, sitting right there!"

I was so very excited until ... my husband says, "Oh, I knew she lived over here. She's been here for years."

And to think men wonder why women believe some men look better wearing a cast iron skillet as a hat.