Mar. 23, 2017

Loaf of Bread

My son, Reese got into the back seat of the car and noticed a loaf of bread in the other seat so he asked his father, “Why is there a loaf of bread in the back seat?”

My husband answered, “I stopped at the store last night and picked it up.”

I looked in the back at my son who wore a dumbfounded expression and said, “Okay, but why is it here in the back seat of the car?

My husband replied, “It was sliced like regular bread. I wanted it whole so I could tear off pieces.

My son and I looked at each other again. Then I spoke up, “Okay! But one more time: WHY is the bread STILL in the back seat of the car?”

“Because I forgot to take it in,” he answered.

And men say they cannot understand women! Wasn't my son clear at the start?