Dec. 2, 2018

Porn Star Celebrities


Years ago, when my husband worked for the cable company, he worked with a group of young men whose wives were a little too insecure for my tastes. I remember one co-worker, Frankie. I felt the sorriest for him.

As a rule, the installers and technicians had an on-call rotation, meaning they carried a pager for a week at a time. Whenever Frankie had to take call, I always knew when he had to work late or had to go back out to work. His wife, Lisa, would call me to check up on her husband.

With as casual a tone as she could muster, Lisa would say, “Hi Michelle, this is Frankie’s wife. Is Reese out working tonight?”

Maybe because my husband was Frankie’s supervisor Lisa thought if Frankie had to work, Reese was right alongside of him which was rarely the case. Sometimes, just to save Frankie, I would tell her he was.

When Amber Rose, a porn star with big boobs came to Mother Fletcher’s in Myrtle Beach, the men went wild. For $15 dollars (that was a lot of money back then) one could have their picture taken with her. My husband came home and told me what was going on. All the men were scheming and making plans.

“They wanted to know if I would go,” he said of the event.

“Are you going?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but if I do go, they all want to go, too.” He was laughing about his co-worker’s plans. “They asked if we went and their wives called, would you tell them that we all had to work late.”

I agreed that I would. “However, if Lisa ever finds out Frankie went, she’ll never trust my word again and he would be in so much trouble,” I said, reminding my husband of what she was like.

In the end, he didn’t go and all the men were so mad. They had the plan and just needed my husband to execute it. I truly would not have been upset and even gave him money before he left for work that day so he could have his picture taken with the porn star. Instead of going, though, he came home.

I asked why he didn’t go and he explained, “Because if we all went and their wives ever found out, it would have looked bad on us. I just felt that if they wanted to go that bad, they could go together without me or they could just tell their wives the truth.”

And that is the kind of man I married.