Oct. 13, 2019

Wedding Gift Shopping

One of the children that my own children have grown up with was getting married, Brandon Woodward. He’s married a cute little lady, April Cook. They look adorable together and I was so excited for them both.

We went into the store to pick out a gift. Here’s our conversation:

Me: I need to go to housewares.

Hubby: Why do we need to go over there?’

Me: To get a gift for Brandon and April.

Hubby: Why?

Me: Seriously? They’re getting married next weekend. I want to get them something. You don’t go to a wedding without a gift. That’s very inappropriate.

We start in that direction and my son, who has been trailing behind us, he noticed we were going toward housewares. You can’t get nothing past him.

Son: Why are we coming over here?

Me: To get a gift for Brandon and April.

Son: Why?

Me: (sigh) Because they’re getting married and I want to get a gift for them.

Son: Are you going to the wedding?

Me: Yes, I plan on it.

As we get closer to where I want to be, I turn down an isle and head in the general direction of housewares to the item I have in mind (crock pots).

Hubby: Where are you going?

Me: What!?

Hubby: Why are you going down there?

Me: Did you just seriously ask me WHY I was going down here? Don’t make me stab you in the chest with a pound of bacon Mister because I swear, I will do it!

Hubby: I’m asking because what you’re looking for is over in the other isle. This is bathroom necessities.

Next Episode: “Saved From Being Stabbed to Death with a Pound of Bacon.”