Mar. 23, 2017

Holly Ward

My husband and I went to visit my daughter Amber and her husband, Lloyd. When we first arrived Amber looked sort of miserable, but an hour or so later, she was so happy. Once again, her dazzling smile lit up the room and her natural glow had returned. Even though the room was filled with about ten people, she was wide-awake.

She and Lloyd just given birth to their first baby, a girl; and I had my first grandchild; amazingly enough, also a girl – the same child, of course.  I don’t care about the others; I had a grandchild, and I was tickled pink (no pun intended).

Amber looked around her laughing and smiling as others poured in to congratulate her on a job well done. The look in her eyes and face reminded me of a puppy who had been rewarded, but didn’t really know why.

I mentioned that to her later and she said, “I was just so out of it. I was glad it was over, though, and the baby arrived healthy.”

Family and friends came in for the momentous occasion. My husband and I had gotten there ahead of schedule, only to discover Grandma Joyce had been there the whole time, but was still driving around the parking lot, lost. She and Aunt Sheri finally found their way.

Uncle David and Aunt Dawn arrived within minutes of the birth. They were calmly sitting in the waiting room when my husband and I had come back from getting a quick bite. 

Amber’s best friend Jessica and her family came in behind Lloyd’s family. Truth be told; I don’t think anyone could have held Jess back from seeing Amber and Lloyd on this particular day. If someone had told her she could not be there, I’m afraid Jess would have magically produced a cleaver from her purse and knifed her way in.

Following Jessica was Grandpa Joe and Grandma Beth (Lloyd’s dad and his wife). They were just as excited as Grandma Joyce and I were. Although this is Reese and my first grandchild, it is their second; the excitement was evident, nonetheless.

I was just asking where Penny and Glennie were when they busted into the room bearing gifts for the new mommy. It was like one big happy family reunion in the labor and delivery room and it was awesome!

However, I don’t think the baby enjoyed it much, though, because she squalled and kicked her tiny little feet. She is tiny, too. She weighed in at 5 pounds and 14 ounces. They named her Holly. Holly is the most precious little addition to both families. I cannot help but tear up every time I look at her. She is perfect!

Our only problem (our, meaning me, Grandma Joyce and Grandma Beth) is which closet do we lock Amber and Lloyd in whenever we go over to visit. To elaborate, Amber recently posted something on Facebook about kissing newborn babies.

“I don’t know how I feel about people kissing my baby, Mom,” she said of the post.

Previously, I had told a friend of mine, who had a grandchild in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), about Amber and Holly having an hour together before family could visit the baby, too. She reminded me about how hugs and kisses are encouraged because it helps the baby cry less and affects their overall health. Babies, especially newborns, respond to physical contact and need it for stimulation and growth. 

Remembering this conversation, I told Amber, “No one ever got sick from Grandma’s kisses so suck it up.”

Although, I do agree with her a lot about ‘other’ friends and family kissing newborns, I do not about grandparents. Grandmas unite! We will kiss and hug that little baby for the rest of our lives.

Just recently, Amber and I were talking and I explained to her, “You will make a lot of mistakes as a parent, and then there will be other times that you just think you made mistakes, but really did not. However, the crux of the matter should be that at least you tried to be a good parent.”

Good parenting begets good parents. I believe, without a doubt, Amber and Lloyd will be amazing parents. They are very devoted to their little one and she already knows it. At only five minutes old, Holly had Daddy wrapped so tightly around her little bitty finger. Yup, he’s hooked.

If there is one thing better than having your own child, it is having a grandchild. I can spoil this little girl rotten and they cannot say anything about it. Themother’s curse is officially in effect. Suffice to say, We-Have-Plans!

All rights of photographs belong to Kristie Cannon Photography© Jan 2017