Mar. 23, 2017

The Lawniczak Family

When I was twelve, we moved across the street from the Lawniczak family. There were three kids: Keith, the oldest, was a year older than I was. His sister Kim was my age and their sister Kris was two years younger.

Keith wanted to grow up to be a priest in the Catholic Church. Kim wanted to join the convent. She dreamed of being a nun, even a Mother Superior while Kris, the youngest, wanted to have sex with as many boys as she could get a hold of (she was only 10 at the time and she couldn‘t wait!).

The first week of knowing them, I got Kim drunk off Pink Squirrel. She had come over to visit and we raided my father’s liquor cabinet. Of all the things to choose from, we chose that. Kim thought it looked pretty in its sugary pink color. To this day, I cannot drink Pink Squirrel, nor can I look at a bottle or hear the name, and not think of Kim.

A week after that, Keith came to visit. We experimented together and smoked a joint from the weed I had pinched from my stepmother’s stash. He didn’t feel the effects of it so he came back the next night, and the next. After the third night, he was stoned off his butt.

I was such a bad influence. We have laughed about that many of times growing up. Secretly though, it kind of always bothered me that Keith never became the priest, Kim never became the nun, let alone Mother Superior and Krissy, well ... the last I heard, about 20 years ago, she was fulfilling her dream.