Mar. 23, 2017

Abusive Men (My Father)

I once told my son-in-law, Lloyd, that we could tolerate anything he and my daughter did without judgment, even affairs with the exception of abuse. We could not ever tolerate him beating on our daughter. The knives and guns would come out in us so fast if he raised his hand to our child.

“Michelle, I swear, I would never lay a hand on Amber in that way,” Lloyd promised. “I was not raised like that.”

We believe him. He’s been a good son-in-law and we love him. 

It makes me sad for these other women out there who think they’re going to give their abusive husbands what they need so their man does not feel like he needs to hit them. That’s laughable. A very few percentage of abusive men will ever change.

My father, an extremely abusive man, once told my husband, “If she gets out of line, punch her in the face. That’ll change her tune!”

My husband told him, “Uhm, no. I do not slap women around and I definitely do not punch them in the face.”

“Bullshit,” my father exclaimed. “Every man smacks his woman around every once in a while to keep her straight. Some more so than others because she needs it more than others. If you don’t, you’re whipped!”

That is the mentality of these men. I was surprised my father was not the only man with that belief. I know a few men who have been abusive to their (ex)-wives and those men also believe the same as my father does. Women should keep this cliché in mind as they search for their life-long companion: “You can’t fix stupid.”