Mar. 28, 2017

My Family

The Siblings 


I have a rather large and very unusual family. I don’t want to say I have an “eclectic family” because it comes off sounding as if I collected them. Instead, I will say I have a “diverse cast of family members."

My mother was 39 years old when she met and married my 18 year old father. At the time, she already had six children who were sired by her first husband (he had passed away from cancer). The two oldest children are a year older than my father. Mom also had two sets of twins, the oldest, Terry and Sharon, and the youngest, Karl and Keith. In between them are my brothers, Bruce and Brian. I am the youngest.

My father, having married several times over following a divorce from my mother, finally built a family with his fifth wife, Deby. Through them, I have my stepbrother Tony, my brother Michael, and my little sister, Barbi. I am the oldest. I have a total of nine siblings. 

Between them, I have aunts, uncles, and cousins. I have such an abundance of nieces and nephews that I was born an aunt. Since then, my nieces and nephews had babies; Great-Aunt Michelle - and they grew up to also have children; Great-Great-Aunt Michelle. So when I tell you I’m a great aunt, you can believe it.

I will eventually be writing about some of my family members and sharing different anecdotes and so forth about them. As I said, they are “diverse." I have some that have criminal tendencies (let's be honest, they’re flat out criminals) while on the other end of the spectrum, I have family who are overzealous Jesus freaks. There are many of us in the middle, too, because someone has to offset the black sheep of genealogical herd.

Having said that, I hope you will come with me as I stroll down memory lane. I will be talking about the different people in my life, past and present. Some tales will be heartfelt, some will be funny, and maybe a little something in between but either way, I hope you will enjoy the stories I have to tell.