Mar. 28, 2017


Reese II


My husband and I planned for our son right down to when he would be born. I remember being very sick. I had such a terrible upper respiratory infection. I thought it had graduated to pneumonia and ended up in the ER, on of all days, my birthday.

They were going to X-ray me to see if I, in fact, had pneumonia. As I stood at the machine waiting for the tech to begin, I read the sign posted on the wall: “If you think you might be pregnant…”

Only because we were trying to get pregnant did it set off a chain of thoughts. I thought to myself that I did have a cycle that month - it was only for a day, though - the last time that happened to me was - Oh my God! I yelled, “Stop!”

The doctor, Dr. Gamble, was not my regular family doctor but they did share the same office. He was on call that Saturday morning. Dr. Gamble informed me that I was two weeks pregnant. “You got pregnant around labor day.”

My response was, I cried. I was very hormonal and they were tears of joy. Finally after three long years of waiting, I was pregnant.

Noting that I was bawling my eyes out (how could he miss it? That‘s why they call him “Doctor“), Dr. Gamble asked, “Are you taking birth control?”

I shook my head that I wasn’t because I couldn’t speak. I was still crying really hard.

“Are you sexually active?”

I was finally able to garble something out that I hoped sounded like, “I’m married; of course, I’m sexually active.”

He shook his head and started, “When are you people going to learn…wait! Were you trying to get pregnant?”

I nodded my head.

“In that case, congratulations and happy birthday.”

Most people would have been put out with him being so chastising toward me but, as a nurse and knowing he and my regular doctor ran the local health department, I understood. They dealt with a lot of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

The day I found out I was pregnant was a good day. It was the best day. I really enjoyed that pregnancy, too. I knew as he grew inside me that he was a he. I also knew I was going to have my hands full because he was so very active.

My due date was May 31 so my OB/GYN scheduled my C-section for May 14. As my son’s impending birth inched closer, I told him, “We won’t make it out of April.”

“Oh sure we will,” he said. “I could even wait until June if you have a particular date in mind?”

On May 2, my precious son, Reese II, decided to make his grand entrance. I have had so much fun raising him and my daughter. With my daughter, I was terrified all the time about being a mom but, with my son, I was more relaxed and just threw myself into it. As a result, it helped me become more relaxed with his sister too. My husband used to hold our daughter as if she was going to break and he too became more relaxed by the time our son came along.

My friend, Lori, said to me one day, “I can tell Reese is comfortable in his role as a father. He used to hold Amber like a china doll but when we stopped by the house yesterday, he answered the door carrying Little Reese like a football.”

Being a mother is my greatest accomplishment in life. I so enjoy it. I thank God all the time for the giving me the opportunity to be a mother and if had to do over again, I would do it without question.