Mar. 28, 2017

Michelle Diane Lewis



Girl, how long have we known one another?
We met when we lived next door to each other.

I shake my head at the memories of what we’ve lived thru.
The laughs, the tears; the hell we’ve put your mother through.

But you know, I cried when I came to see you that day. 
I hated seeing you lay in the Hospice bed that way.

I had to take myself to another place and time,
Back to when we were young and in our prime.

So here are some happier places to which my mind clings; 
Like Pepe shitting on Bobby’s personal things. 

Remember when Lori said she was leaving town with Sam,
And your Mom freaked out and thought he was on the lam?

“He could be an axe murderer,” she cried. 
“He said he wasn’t but he could have lied.

Let me go outside to check Sam’s car!
Make sure he’s safe before you go too far!”

And you ruled all of your brothers. That’s no joke
Since your mom raised you and Lori to be strong womenfolk.

Oh hell, the parties with Larry, Teddy, Bobby and Scott!
All the drinking we did and there was a lot.

Those memories they come and soar through my mind
When I think back to those days of yours and mine.


* * * * *

You and Scott were always the mischievous pair.
You two did what you did and rebelled with flair.

Although you were siblings everyone could see from the start
You and Scott were soulmates. It would be death ‘til you part.

As time would eventually dictate, we all grew older.
The parties ended and our passions grew bolder. 

We all had children spitting them out one by one.
You and I had some girls and we each had a son.

I had Amber and Reese but you had one more than me
First Stephanie then Ryan, then out popped Brea.

Remember the time I was in such a miserable funk
That we sat at Bobby’s table and we both got drunk.

He had to put my margaritas in a special glass.
And we leaned on each other so we wouldn’t fall on our ass.

Yeah, those were some funnier, happier days
Long before our lives went different ways.

We always stayed connected, always in touch
Even when we didn’t see each other very much.

I cried the day you told me you were sick 
And this disease was something you couldn’t lick.

We had spent some time talking about your faith in God. 
“I know He’s with me,” you declared with a nod.

I’ve prayed so much for you and your swollen belly
Until God finally said, “I got this, Michelle – You know I have Shellie.”


* * * * *

Damn, girl! Thirty years have come and gone.
It’s amazing! I didn’t think we’d last half that long.

I know He is with you, I know that He’s there.
I know it with every shed of a tear.

The angels were calling for you today
They want you to join them and fly away.

I had talked to Steph earlier. She said it wouldn’t be long
But first, they wanted to pray and sing you a song.

They wanted you to know it was okay to spread your wings
To just let go and move on to other things.

So it was a warm and sunny autumn day
When I received the call that you had flown away.

It was Scott who called to give me that fact. 
I was in Myrtle Beach, at Walmart, in fact.

We’re all sad that you’re gone and feeling bereaved 
But we’re happy all your pain has been relieved.

I will miss you my friend. I will miss you so much,
You have filled my heart in ways only you could touch.

Yes, I cried again and prayed for this life we’re all loosing, 
Because I wanted to ask God to send you An Angel Named Susan.