Apr. 2, 2018

My Favorite "Holly" Moments

Some of my favorite “Holly” moments:

My favorite past time has become watching my granddaughter almost every second I’m with her. I don’t want to miss a thing. She’s worth the watch, too because, she’s so full of character and loaded with so much personality that she completely cracks me up. I adore this child that was sent from heaven.

The Michelangelo Touch – Like most babies, Holly is curious about everything. It’s such a wonderful world and so many colorful and bright things to see! I love watching her touch stuff. Unlike most babies, Holly doesn’t just grab things. She’s cautious. Instead, she holds one single finger out (the index finger) and slowly reaches for the object, or person, or whatever it is she wants to touch and feel.

Let’s Dance! – Holly loves to dance. On her first birthday when her mom put her in a new tutu skirt, the first thing she did was dance. She was so excited she had a new outfit (like-mother-like-daughter). Whenever she hears music, she starts bobbing her head up and down and wiggling her legs, feet, and butt.

The Daredevil – Oh this child is so full of it! She loves to be spun around, thrown in the air and anything fast moving. She loves it all! She’s so trusting too and I’ve yet to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. For example, when she was about 9 months, she wanted off the couch and tried to slide down headfirst. It was as if she knew someone would catch her so she made her move: very daring...or very trusting.

Seriousness – On a more serious note, she can be too serious. Holly examines things very intently at times, especially people. I hope this turns out to be a positive thing for her. Some children can get a good feel about people and can tell if they were a decent person or not. I was able to do that in my youth and both of my children were also a good judge of character. Maybe Holly has picked it up as well.

Kisses – Lord love a duck! This child is so stingy with her kisses. It’s rare, but I have been privy to a few of them. She prefers hugs and she’s so stinking cute when she hugs her Mommy and Daddy. She pats them with her tiny little hand. Even with them, she’s stingy with her kisses. Hopefully, that will change as she gets older.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this child. My husband and I both agree this has been the best year we’ve had in such a long time. Holly was so worth the wait and I’m sure we will continue to enjoy every second of her.