May. 2, 2018

Karl and the Poem

When I was younger, my brother Karl attended a private high school in Holly, Michigan, Adelphian Academy. It was a church based school for Seventh Day Adventist, the religion in which we grew up.

I remember going to his dorm room several times. The movie Revenge of the Nerds has a scene where Lewis and Gilbert are standing in their (empty) dorm room looking around and surveying it with excitement. That scene always reminded me of my brother Karl and the moment he stood surveying his newly acquired dorm room at the academy. Yup, he was a nerd, too.

I was probably about eight or nine then when he started there. That same year I had written a five-verse poem that I can only remember one verse of. The poem was about Autumn. The single verse that I can remember is “Down, down yellow and brown. The leaves are falling all over town.”

When he came home for the holidays, I had excitedly shown him what I had written. Karl did not seem too interested. However, the poem did disappear. Upon our next visit to Adelphian Academy and to Karl’s dorm room, I found it among some of his papers.

“You took my poem?” I asked. I was a little hurt that he took it especially since he didn’t even seem to like it.

“I have a friend who writes songs,” he explained. “I thought he might like to use it. Is that okay?”

What could I say? I had to save my big brother from the fires of hell! I couldn’t let him burn for all eternity for taking my poem so I told him he could have it and his friend could use it.

Whew! That was close! You’re welcome, Karl. A sister’s love never fails.