Jul. 6, 2018

Angel Pie

My granddaughter has got her mommy and daddy wrapped! Not me, though, or Grandpa. We’re not falling for that sweetness routine.

My daughter recently called me and was trying hard to talk to me, but you could hear the baby in the background. All the while, Amber was interrupted and kept addressing my granddaughter, who I affectionately call, Angel Pie.

My poor daughter was saying, “No...Stop that…Give that back...You can’t have that...Come back here!”

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked into the phone as I was enjoying every bit of the mother’s curse.

With exasperation, Amber snaps, “Angel Pie is not behaving!”

I can relate. She is her mother’s daughter. Amber thinks she’s not listening now; just wait until she hits those teenage years and the eye roll is permanently installed.