Mar. 3, 2019

Terrible Twos

My granddaughter is such a card! Her mother has a table behind the sofa that is covered in pictures. Holly knows she is not allowed to touch them so she did what any other normal baby would do while Grandma was babysitting; she went for the pictures.

Part of her play area is by the patio doors which are behind the sofa. I noticed it got really quiet which was suspicious. I called her name out and didn’t get the usual baby babble so I got up to look. This child…!

I came around the corner and said, “What are you doing?”

With her head down (as if she were really ashamed), she held up her little hand with a piece of paper in it and handed it to me.

“Where did you get this from?” I asked, not recognizing the paper.

In answer, her little hand shot up again (head still tucked) and she handed me the back of a picture frame.

“Holly, you know you’re not supposed to touch Mommy’s pictures,” I scolded.

As if I had not just finished admonishing her, she happily crawled away to the file folders her parents keep by the TV cabinet. She knows she’s not supposed to touch them, either. She had already spread them out on the floor a couple times earlier and I had picked them up unceremoniously.

While I put the picture back into the frame and set it on the table, Holly crawled over to the file folders again stood up, reached over and snatched all of them, and tossed them onto the floor. Then she crawled over to them and sat on her knees in front of the mess she’d just created.

I came back around the sofa and said, “Now, Holly, you know you’re not allowed to touch those, either.”

At which time, this child threw herself down and sprawled out on top of them. Then she looked up at me and grinned. I could only stand there looking at her as I shook my head. She’s almost 18 months now and she’s already got a head start on the terrible twos.

I calmly picked up the folders, sat back on the sofa, and smiled to myself. If Holly isn’t her mother all over, I don’t know what she is. Yup, the mother’s curse is in full swing. Welcome to the terrible twos and soon-to-be trying threes my sweet little girl.