Jun. 11, 2020

My Favorite Pie

While keeping my granddaughter one day, a commercial came on the TV about pies; I think it was Sara Lee or something. I call my granddaughter, Angel Pie.

I didn’t think anything of that, though, when I said to her, “I love it, pies!”

She stopped what she was doing and said, “Your favorite is Angel Pie.”

Later, the same day, after my husband came in, I stretched out on the couch and apparently, I nodded off. I awoke to something being forcefully jammed into my mouth and my Angel Pie’s tiny voice saying, “Here, Momo, you need your passy!”

It was a toy pacifier from one of her dolls that she was trying to stick into my mouth.

This child is a mess! I adore her, though. She certainly keeps me in chuckles.