Dec. 12, 2020

The Candy Store

We had our granddaughter one afternoon (she’s three). We had taken her to the zoo and on the way home, as a special treat, we stopped at Gretal’s Candy House on Hwy 17 S. I wish I had a picture of the child’s face when we entered the store. She thought she hit pay dirt.

I handed her a shopping basket that would have easily been as tall as she had you stood it on the end next to her. She looped her arm through it and started browsing the store like a pro-shopper (she IS my daughter’s child, after all).

Grandpa whispered to me, “Are we sure we want to do that: give her free choice like this? It could be disastrous.”

“She’ll be alright,” I promised. “We can control the situation if she gets out of hand.”

In a world where children are taught greed and self-importance, I was very proud of my granddaughter. She loves chocolate (of course) but I don’t think she’s quite figured out yet that colorful candy is not chocolate. She picked three… only three things… and put them into her basket. They were colorful candy.

She walked up the to counter where the cashier was waiting and although, she couldn’t reach the counter properly, she reached up and slid her basket on top. Very politely she informed the cashier, “I have all that I need.”

The cashier chuckled and said, “Are you sure?”

My granddaughter replied politely, “Yes, I’m sure. Thank you.”

She’s polite and well mannered. Did I mention that she’s three years old?