Dec. 28, 2020

The Week of Christmas

During the week of Christmas we kept our granddaughter. She’s soon to be four and as all grandparents believe, she is the most precious thing we’ve ever seen. In fact, she’s so precious that even the dog loves it when she visits.

I have kept a journal of the dog’s play with my granddaughter:

Day One: I’m so excited! The tiny person they call Angel Pie is here (hopping and wagging tail) – we will have so much fun playing together. At least she throws my squeaky toy and runs after me. She seems to enjoy my toy as much as I do. The bonus is, Dog Mom lets me lay on the couch with her as long as I put my head in her lap. Oh and I get tons of cookies from her, too.

Day Two: She’s back, she’s back! Look, Angel Pie is back and we’re going to have so much fun! I will follow her everywhere. Today we’re playing dress-up – Wait, what are these things she’s putting over my eyes (paws the sunglasses off her face several times). Oh boy, there goes the squeaky toy…

Day Three: It’s cookie time again (runs and gets her toys). It’s my favorite time and we get to play, play, play. Why is she putting a cape (beach towel) around me and Dog Mom’s hair band? It’s okay. I will sit very still so as not to disrupt her creativity.

Day Four: You’re back? Okay, just keep those cookies coming and we can play some more.

Day Five: Holy fur balls! She’s back AGAIN. Doesn’t this kid have somewhere else to be? Help me, someone… anyone (hides under my desk and refuses to come out when shes being called). You can shove those cookies in your tiny little ears, kid. I’m not moving (at least until Pie crawls up under the desk with her).

The dog was thankful for the weekend break, but my granddaughter is back this week too. Won’t they be having fun?

For the record… these two are buddies and the dog follows her everywhere she goes and hangs on to her every move.