May. 16, 2021

A Visit With My Brother

My husband and I were in Toledo when we stopped in Rossford to visit with one of my older brothers. I asked him about his occupation. I have so many vague memories of him owning his own NAPA store/franchise and now, he owns a bar in Rossford.

What exactly do you do for a living?” I asked while sitting with him in the bar he owned. “Are you a bookie?”

No, no, honey…, not at all,” he answered. “I’m a financial consultant for those who wish to earn money in sports games.”

Remembering all those holiday family meals with him in front of the TV, I realized, it wasn’t just for enjoyment. It was his life… his money was at stake.

I laughed at the memory and his ridiculous answer and said, “You’re a bookie.”

My brother hung his head in defeat and conceded, “Yes, I’m a bookie.”

I crack up whenever I remember that moment. He’s a riot!