Poetry by a Cranky Old Hag

Jan. 4, 2022
Of all of Gods Creations, that man has ever found.
I would have to say Coffee, Might be the best around.
It Maketh men win battles, and press on in the mire.
And helps the masses everyday, when pressed against the fire.
Oh Grumpy morning Grumpiness and all that you survey.
All I need is just one cup, to chase your Grumps away.
Fear not that 16 page exam, you face for your promotion.
A full pot is close at hand, waiting with devotion.
It never falters or betrays, its always tried and true.
A staple to Our Country and the Stars Red White and Blue.
A morning is never complete, without a steaming cup,
So Pour yourself a strong one, Its Natures Pick me up.
By Daniel Torres Scardaccione
Copyright © 2022
Jan. 4, 2022

Many years have came and gone, like the winds of change. But none of them have ever been, nearly quite as strange.

In all my years I lived upon, this planet we call earth, there has never been a time, that tested all our worth.

Crippling our chances, hindering our ways, telling us to stay inside, on sunniest of days.

They tell us Stear clear from all your loved ones, for now is not the time, to celebrate and commemorate, is where they draw the line.

We all suffer in some way, punishment I guess, while all the leaders of the world, invite all of thier guests.

Mocking everyone of us, mere pheasants in their eyes, while they toast and celebrate, in spite of our demise.

Let this be the year we conquer, all which they survey, all the you cannots and dont you dares that come our way.

All your dreams and inspirations, which we all hold dear, is steadily approaching, this will be our year.

The dark shadows they cast on us, hoping we all cower, is slowly loosing all its steam, by minute after hour.

We the People of the Land, and all of which its stands. From every corner of this earth, from sand to shining sand.

From every creed and nation, from sea to shining sea. We are not some guinea pigs, controlled by men and greed.

The time is drawing closer, a pinnacle of peaks, for us to get our freedoms back, and all the dreams we seek.

By Daniel Torres Scardaccione
Copyright © 2022

Dec. 4, 2021

The Color Purple

Purple is my favorite color.

It stands on its own like no other.

Purple comes in different shades

And can be seen in royal parades.

It comes in lilac and lavender to be lighter,

Or even in neon to be a little brighter.

There’s a rock band named Deep Purple

And a purple stuffed teddy bear called a Burple®.

Let’s not forget that super comfy mattress

Its named Purple®: restful sleep it dispatches

You can make purple with blue and red

And you can dye the hair on your head

I’ve done that before, with my hair.

I dyed it purple which gave it some flair.

Oh yes, purple is definitely my favorite color.

By far, it is like no other.

By Michelle Cox Copyright © 2021

Apr. 30, 2020
They were proud and happy the day they had a son, 
Who was born on Valentine’s Day in 1981. 
At eight and half pounds he was a bundle of joy.
Ellis Jason Thomas was their baby boy.
His daddy died in an accident when he was still so young.
Although he loves his stepfather his daddy was top of the rung.
As he got older his sense of humor became his claim to fame.
Jason always had a smile to give and wanted you to do the same. 
Because even as a tot he was forever the little clown,
He was always lifting spirits of those feeling down.
As he grew older he became somewhat of a wag,
In and out of trouble, always playing a gag. 
Jason knew the day would come when he would find a mate,
And she would be waiting for him to take her womanly bait.
Her wiles of femininity should withstand his every gleek.
So, Jason would know when he met his match in a girl whom he did seek.
Jason was an angel who loved to have a good laugh,
“He was so funny and amazing,” says his parental half .
His mother will never stop aching for her missing limb,
And waits for the day to come when she will be joining him.
Until the day Christ comes Mom wants to spread the news, 
That Ellis Jason Thomas left behind a little muse,
His little brother Eric who shares the same smile, 
Can tell us anecdotes of his brother’s style. 
Although their angel of humor is gone from them today,
Jason’s laughter still echo’s in such a beautiful way. 
He was taken from them all not so long ago.
It was a sad day for everyone, the day he had to go. 
He’s with his father now, waiting for Christ to come.
Jason’s waiting for the day when he’ll see everyone.
He’d probably tell us all that crying is just so moot
“Dry your eyes Mom. You’re being an old coot!” 
On November 15th, Ellis Jason Thomas was taken on this day.
The Devil clipped his wings in his awful way.
The Devil took his life in attempts to make us cry,,
But God saved him long before the Devil made him die. 
Jason would want everyone to laugh and enjoy the rest of life
Instead of being sad and living with all this strife.
He loved to smile, he loved to laugh, Jason was full of so much zest,
He’d want everyone to continue on each of their life’s quest. 
To his mother: I feel your pain, I sense your every tear,
But don’t forget the ones on Earth who need you to be near. 
Tis true, Jason was an angel that was taken way too soon.
Be happy the heavenly angels will have him singing a new tune.
Keeping that in mind, it gives me a sense of peace,
To know through you and Eric his laughter will never cease.
So, my Christmas gift to you is I wrote about your son
To let the whole world know how he was loved by everyone.

By Michelle Cox

Copyright © December 2014

Mar. 23, 2017

In the year Nineteen-Ninety-Six,

Dolly was born of the cloning mix.

Scientist used the nucleus of an udder cell,

To create this sheep for a story to tell.


From two hundred and seventy-seven other tries,

Dolly’s was the only one who didn’t die.

She went full term in her mother’s womb,

Her birth was resounding and heard with a boom!


Dolly’s chromosomes were shorter than other sheep,

However, hers were taken from an adult DNA heap.

While most sheep live to be eleven or twelve years,

She died at six in this scientific sphere.


Dolly had an offspring in the normal way,

She conceived and gave birth, that is to say.

Her life was a breakthrough, she was a clone.

Dolly was the first but she wasn’t alone.


After she was euthanized in two thousand three,

Another cloning was done and came to be.

Are we messing with God’s infrastructure,

And our DNA’s architecture?


I guess that depends on your views about Creation,

Versus our scientific technological innovation.

Nonetheless, our ability of cloning is very true,

And Dolly is proof of what today’s science can do.


Copyright © January 2012