Mar. 23, 2017


In the year Nineteen-Ninety-Six,

Dolly was born of the cloning mix.

Scientist used the nucleus of an udder cell,

To create this sheep for a story to tell.


From two hundred and seventy-seven other tries,

Dolly’s was the only one who didn’t die.

She went full term in her mother’s womb,

Her birth was resounding and heard with a boom!


Dolly’s chromosomes were shorter than other sheep,

However, hers were taken from an adult DNA heap.

While most sheep live to be eleven or twelve years,

She died at six in this scientific sphere.


Dolly had an offspring in the normal way,

She conceived and gave birth, that is to say.

Her life was a breakthrough, she was a clone.

Dolly was the first but she wasn’t alone.


After she was euthanized in two thousand three,

Another cloning was done and came to be.

Are we messing with God’s infrastructure,

And our DNA’s architecture?


I guess that depends on your views about Creation,

Versus our scientific technological innovation.

Nonetheless, our ability of cloning is very true,

And Dolly is proof of what today’s science can do.


Copyright © January 2012