Jan. 4, 2022

2022 Reset

Many years have came and gone, like the winds of change. But none of them have ever been, nearly quite as strange.

In all my years I lived upon, this planet we call earth, there has never been a time, that tested all our worth.

Crippling our chances, hindering our ways, telling us to stay inside, on sunniest of days.

They tell us Stear clear from all your loved ones, for now is not the time, to celebrate and commemorate, is where they draw the line.

We all suffer in some way, punishment I guess, while all the leaders of the world, invite all of thier guests.

Mocking everyone of us, mere pheasants in their eyes, while they toast and celebrate, in spite of our demise.

Let this be the year we conquer, all which they survey, all the you cannots and dont you dares that come our way.

All your dreams and inspirations, which we all hold dear, is steadily approaching, this will be our year.

The dark shadows they cast on us, hoping we all cower, is slowly loosing all its steam, by minute after hour.

We the People of the Land, and all of which its stands. From every corner of this earth, from sand to shining sand.

From every creed and nation, from sea to shining sea. We are not some guinea pigs, controlled by men and greed.

The time is drawing closer, a pinnacle of peaks, for us to get our freedoms back, and all the dreams we seek.

By Daniel Torres Scardaccione
Copyright © 2022