Jan. 4, 2022


Of all of Gods Creations, that man has ever found.
I would have to say Coffee, Might be the best around.
It Maketh men win battles, and press on in the mire.
And helps the masses everyday, when pressed against the fire.
Oh Grumpy morning Grumpiness and all that you survey.
All I need is just one cup, to chase your Grumps away.
Fear not that 16 page exam, you face for your promotion.
A full pot is close at hand, waiting with devotion.
It never falters or betrays, its always tried and true.
A staple to Our Country and the Stars Red White and Blue.
A morning is never complete, without a steaming cup,
So Pour yourself a strong one, Its Natures Pick me up.
By Daniel Torres Scardaccione
Copyright © 2022